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What worlds can I visit?

CircumReality lets you visit player-created worlds.

There are two types of worlds:

  • Multiplayer online worlds - When you play in these worlds you'll encounter other players, who you can team up with. You'll need to stay connected to the Internet to play in them though.

  • Single-player offline worlds - When you play in these worlds you'll be by yourself. You don't need to be connected to the Internet to play, but you will need to download a large (100 MB+) world file.



Multiplayer online worlds

The following multiplayer online worlds are available:

  • A traveller's guide to the Ashtari empire - You think you're being rowed to the wealthy island-city of Amroth. Instead, you first find yourself on the city's quarantine island, with decaying buildings and disinterested guards. Why the cool reception to newcomers? Only after you convince the guards to let you off, do you actually get to Amroth proper, and then the real mystery begins. This work-in-progress is included with the CircumReality download.



Single-player offline worlds

At the moment, there aren't any single-player offline worlds available.



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